My favorite quote

Respect yourself and others will respect you

This speech of Confucius hardly effected my feelings because after I read this speech, I suddenly felt that I had to stop being mean to my ownself. I usually didn't respect my ownself. My heart was scattered into pieces, but now I know that my heart became one,and will still stay like this forever.

Ethenic Groups of China__
1. They are listed in highest to lowest populations.
2. Number 14 is a ethenic group called the Koreans.
3. The Koreans lived closed to Korea and this is not a very surprising scene. It's just naming a group the Koreans since they are close to us. Well I'm still very surprised that Chinese people speak Korean in the ethenic group called Koreans.
4a.The total population is 2 million(wow!)
4b. They speak Korean and Mandarin Chinese.
5a. This group lives close to the Plateau of Tibet
5b. This group has a total population of 5 to 10 million people.
5c. People in the Tibetans bath casually ecxept for important occasions. People in the Tibetans love to paint in cotton or linen. These pictures are hanged everywhere where the Tibetans live. The Tibetans believe the vultures bring dead people to heaven.

The Announcement of President Mickey Kim
I am standing up in front of all of you because I have some radical changes I will make that will affect our lives for now on. A murderer was always here around the world, but now to prevent this murderers or criminals don't go to jail they will be killed. And another radical policy is that if anybody is provoked by somebody making a mistake they will be staying in their house for a week. I do not want disagreement and fighting over mistakes. We are human so we are born to make mistakes.