Twisted Rapunzel

Once opon a time there was a ugly girls called Rapunzel. Everybody didnt like her. Everybody thought that Rapunzel meant very ugly and very rude. But she was not rude, she was just plain very ugly. However she lived in a buitiful castle.But one day a man came by and threw a note at her. He didnt want to read it because he was too scared of her face. Then she read the note. The note said, ' Hello Rapunzel, you are not going to live in ther castle therefore, you are going to live in a house that had 30 floors in a poor house'. She screamed an ran away crazy. She had no choice she packed up her clothes and toothbrush an other kinds of things. She was sad no she was more than sad.Then the next day she needed to go to the 30 floor poor house. She wished her parents were there to help her. But they were not with her. They ran away from her because she was ugly. Also she had long eyebrows that it was hard or her to walk. She also heard that the house owner was a witch. She was afraid. Then she nocked on the door. She heard someone was coming. Then that person opened the door. She saw the person and the person seemed very nice to her until when she arrived at her room the women locked her in so she would not get out. When the witch locked the door Rapuzel heared laughter outside the room. Then she was crying for an hour so, her eyebrows got longer. She was on the 30th floor and did nothing exept for crying. She wished she had a friend or something that she could play with.
But one day the prince came by to the poor house. She was so happy and she felt like kissing him. Then she yelled out, 'can you get me out of here?'
The prince was fat and not really good looking. He didnt have a wife too. He was also alone. Then he thinked and thinked.
Finally he said yes because he was very kind to people like Rapunzel. He didnt want to walk to the stairs because he was so fat so he said, 'get a long rope a I will climb up.'
But she didnt have a long rope so she had a great idea. She said, 'since I do not have a rope she said that she will take her long eyebrow so you can come to the 30th floor.'
So he did.He started but something was wrong. When he stared to pull the eyebrow her eyebrows falled down! So she said to try the other eyebrow so he did. But same thing happened again the eyebrow all fell down!! But look what happened she was pretty and not ugly. The prince didnt know how pretty she was so he said he was going to take by stairs even though he was fat.
But as he went to the last floor he fainted. But she dumped water on him but it was no good! But she got an idea that the prince would wake up by his favorite food mash potato. Good thing she had mash potato because she also liked it. Then the prince smelled the mash potato and then he saw a buitiful women. Suddenly he said will you marry me? She was shocked but she said if you get skinnier she would marry him. But he didnt have confidence to make him skinnier. Finally he said I will make myself skinnier. A month later the fat prince was a charming well looking prince. Every girls wanted to marry him. As the day arrived the prince went to Rapunzel['s room and said will you marry me? But she thought the man was another man and she said No!!! But later on she reliezed it was really him!!!!
She was very shoked. The she agreed that she would marry him So when they marryied the live happily ever after. As they lived together the prince became fat and ugly again and Rapunzel eyebrows became longer and much more ugleir so the people hated them again but they didnt care!!! Rapunzel had scaped from the witches because of the prince. So she was very happy. But Rapunzel wanted her eyebrows to be shorter again. Also the prince also wanted to get skinnier. So they got an idea. That the prince would start exercising and Rapunzel was going to cut her eyebrows. They both got appealing and went outside and everybody looked at them. THey were happy. But later the next day what would happen????