Dear Diary of mine,

world had changed very much....! Now I have been kidnapped by Jesse, Mae, and Miles. I shouldn't have ran away from my house!! I should have shouted help to the yellow suited man who I met before. But still it feels kind of comfortable at Tuck family's house. Compared to my house Tuck's house is so.. so.. messy!! I mean my house was clean as a diamond which was polished over million times but here it feels that I'm in the world of comfortable!!! If you ask me how did I got kidnapped I would love to talk about it but still its a long story. My family was so strict about playing outside and getting dirty. It feels like I am cooped up like an animal. So I decided to run away from my house. My family owns Treegap wood so it would be safe for me to go there. I went there and I saw a gorgeous looking boy who was drinking spring water from my woods. Of course if it was my grandma she would kick him out of the wood and put fence around the wood. I watched for a long time hiding. Suddenly he said:" You may as well as come out." He talked to me!! I was so embarrassed!! He said he was hundred and four years old. He must be a joking!! Suddenly he said that he was seventeen years old. That was much more better. Fine then here comes the main dramatic part. I wanted to drink the spring water he was drinking he refused but I tried to drink the spring water. Then here came Mae, she scooped up me like an ice cream and guess what i found out.. I was riding a horse!!! Then while I was riding the horse now I met the jaunty yellow suited man... ARRRRGGG!!!!, I should of shouted for help that time!! But now I don't.. They stopped and talked me about what had happened to them after they drank the spring that I tried to drink. They said that the spring that Jesse drank was a water that could had lead me to the everlasting life.. My mouth was opened for.... I guess for thirty minutes. They were kidnappers still but I began to like them and feel them like a friend. So I went to Tuck's house and now I am writing this diary at Tuck's house. Phew! Today is a hot day. I feel like I'm going to have a nice sip of lemonade. But I'm not sure if there is a lemonade at Tuck's house.. Anyway Miles asked me to go on a row boat. That sounded Terrific to me at this boiling point. But suddenly Jesse said:" I found her first so I'm gonna take her to the row boat!!" I suddenly felt like an object which made me wanted to hit Jesse on his face but I calmed downed. Then Tuck said that he's going to take me out for the row boat. I don't care that who's going to take me out for the rowboat but what I really need is a cool water to erase my kidnapping pictures!! Fine Tuck took me out for row boat then he started to say that the we're surrounded by life. I thought he was talking about a war but no he said the the trees birds and flowers was growing day by day so he meant life. Suddenly Jesse shouted that the horse was gone!! His shouting was so loud that my ears hurt but anyway it was a terrible trouble. Hmmm.. Lets see who could have took the horse??? Maybe Tuck??? No! Not the Tuck families... Then .... The jaunty yellow suited man.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! What am I going to do??? How am I going to return to home??? Of course I can walk but how about the Tuck families????? Now wait a moment..why did the man in the yellow suit stole the horse??? This is getting fishy but anyway whats the big deal about losing a horse?? They can buy another horse!! Me and Tuck went back to the house. Miles was complaining about the horse. That made a huge racket!!! Mae stopped Miles talking. She said it was time for bed. I had to sleep on the sofa. The sofa was hard but it was much more better than sleeping on the floor. Anyway I could not SLEEP!!! I had to change into my pajamas! But there was no pajama so I was wide awake. Then Mae came she explained why did she kidnapped her in a rough way. I understood her, she went up the stairs to sleep. Then Tuck came he said that he could sleep on the couch and told me to sleep at the bed if the sofa was hard. I said it was fine. He smiled and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. Then Jesse came... AM I A SUPER STAR THAT EVERYONE TRIES TO VISIT ME AT LATE NIGHT??? I was sleepy sort of but since Jesse came I covered myself with the blanket. He said: "Hey Winnie Foster are you asleep?", I said no. Then he said that I could return to home and live there for 6 years and come back to the woods with him and marry him! I know that I like Jesse but he is asking me to do hard thing!! He told me to think about it and went upstairs... I head was frozen with such a demand. I'll think about it soon or later... Good Night!!

The next day was my most glorious day of all!! All I could see was cute angels greeting me like a special guest!! Wait!! What about yesterday....!! JJJJJJJJEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!! Suddenly the angels disappeared and they turned into a dark shadow! My felt like throwing up!!!!! Maybe I should return to home secretly!!! Suddenly the yellow suited man came!! I am going to home!!! Am I????? I have no idea how did he get here? Did he followed me yesterday??? But what was that weird smile on his face???? He made me feel like throwing me up! Why is Jesse and the man in the yellow suit make me freak out???? Anyway the man in the yellow asked if he could come in. I gulped my flapjacks. The man in the yellow suit told Tuck that he traded Winnie for the Treegap wood. When I heard that my flapjack got caught in my through! I chocked a bit!! I was thinking "What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I wanted to stay here forever!!!! Suddenly the Tucks family jumped to the man in the yellow suit it looked like they were having a wresting. Suddenly the man in the yellow suit grabbed me and pulled me to the door! I struggled for my freedom but the man in the yellow suit was fast, so I was already out of the door. The man in the yellow suit stopped. Mae was holding a gun to hit the man. The gun hit the man's skull and the hit gave a damage to the yellow suited man's skull. But to bad, the constable had seen everything.....

Fine I was back to my house. Huh, it didn't change a bit. Fine, my mom was kissing me and my grandma too. Oh gross! Oh yuck! Guess what, the man in the yellow suit was dead! D.E.A.D!! That was the good news! And the bad news is that the constable had put Mae in the jail. Now one day I met Jesse. He told the plan 'How to save Mae' to me. It was not possible! I mean since I know that Miles had been a carpenter he knows what to do with the jail bars. First he breaks the jail bars and help Mae escape. Second, they run away. Kind of simple huh? If I was Jesse or Miles (I hate to be a man or teenager boy) I would explode the whole jail and save Mae! My idea is kind of cruel but who knows that my plan might work??? Anyway it was a day when a storm was about to come. I went to the jail with the Tucks at the midnight and we saved Mae. But after they saved Mae...... They were gone...gone forever... My, my friends were gone.

I went into the jail and covered myself with the blanket to look like Mae. Oh the next morning when the constable saw me he was shouting and crazy! I went back to my house... Then on the hot summer day I was the Toad being barked by the dog. I don't know why that toad always appear in front of me. I lifted him up and poured the precious everlasting water to the toad. Who cares! Even I finished them I still have plenty of them in the wood!!