Dear Diary,

I have recently thought of running away. Although i just cant do it i do not have the courage i wish i could because i promised i would to the toad. All the storys my mother has told me about kidnapping and so on. i can do ill show the toad ill get up early this morning and run out before they are all awake. I do hope the toad will be there. Although what will happen when they find out im not there for breakfast. Anyway atleast i wont be so looked out for and cooped up in a small little cage. It is now early the next morning and they have not noticed me getting up and they are all still sound asleep. Actually when im gone i dont really think they will recognize it maybe they will even be happy im gone. Im going to run to the wood. Anyway i do own it is own by my own family. Yes!!! the toad is here ill show him "Het toad you see im not to scared i can do it." He just looked at me and ran off. Wow inside the wood is brilliant it is nice and cool and everything. It is so colorfull and i love it. Why have i never been in here before. Ohh there is a boy leaning against a big ash tree he is good looking. Look there are some pebbles covering something up. Dun Dun Dun Dun he taking off the pebbles. Cool look there is some water coming from what from my eyes looks like a small spring. Ohh and he's taking a drink from it. Ooops i cracked a stick he heard me. I bet he's kind. He asked me how old i was and he said i was probaly married what a dummy. I said i was 10 and nearly eleven. He said he was about one hundred and four years old. Of course i didnt belive him he is kind of mental by the the sound of him. i said stop playing games. Ohh he said im seventeen. Yes that is much more like it. I asked him why he drank from the spring, and can i have some. He said no no you must never have any of this. Then why did you drink from it. Well you cant drink it cause it would be dirty. Me i would have drink anything. Dont really care what i drink. Well as you know i do own it and i can do anything i want. Though he did sound serious. So i didnt drink any. Then suddenly there was a sound of a galloping horse and funnily enough it was. It sounded that the boy whos name is Jesse what a lovely name. Sounded like he knew them. He called one Ma and one Miles. It was probaly part of there family. Althoug something strange was that the women Ma said well boys the worst has happend at last. What is that supposed to mean.