Dear Snoopy,
That day I was drinking from that unusual spring in the Treegap woods. This girl came along and saw me drinking it. She seemed like she was pretty thirsty too. Said she wanted some water too. Said it was her woods (and I believe her) and said she could drink from it whenever she wanted to. I could not let her! That spring didn't have just have any kind of drinking water! It was a "Drink from me and live forever" spring. Just then Ma came with Miles. How glad I was to see them again in about 10 years, especially now this girl, Winnie, saw me drinking it! Ma and Miles put Winnie on the old horse, who drank from the forever spring too, and kidnapped her. Oh, how sorry I felt for her! We took her home. On the way, we saw this guy, in a jaunty yellow suit. Winnie says she knows him.
Anyway, when we got to the little cottage, we told Winnie about that spring. She looked so suprised. Made her promise not to tell anyone about this. Then we went out and jumped in the water. No-one was watching us. We had such a good time.
Jesse Tuck
P.S. Winnie's staying with us until tomorrow. She's a real fun, good and a nice girl to stay with.