Tuck Everlasting Responses
Chapter 5
Answer of the question: I would just do the same thing like what Jesse have done, I would never let a ten-year old to drink this water that can make you live forever. The reason is because if Winnie dosen't want to live forever, you have no else to do. Also if I tell her that this water would make you live forever, she would never believe it. Even if I were her I could or would never believe it! Therefore, it would be the best thing to for her,or I will try to get some water from some other places. What would you have done?

Chapter 6

1. 'It was like a ribbon trying her to familliar things.' (pg.35) The other one is 'Though her heart was pounding, and her backbone felt like a pipe full of cold running water.' (pg.32)> means she was really scared, and cannot talk to somebody, because she was nervous. 2. She didn't wave at the stranger because Winnie's mind was blank. Since she was so scared, she couldn't think of anything. She was scared to yell for help, wave to somebody for a help, and she didn't even said a word. If I were her, I would tell the stranger with yellow suit for help. The reason is because tou don't know who they are, she just knows their name, and they're kidnapping you. Although, I've seen the yellow suited man. I (Winnie) even had conversation, also with my grandmother. At least I know him better than the Tuck family.

chapter 7

I think the plan was the yellow suited man developed the water which makes you to live forever. He tries to sell this water all over the world but somehow it gets stolen. The person who stole it put the water in the Treegap wood. That's how the plan of the yellow suited man didn't work.

chapter 8

The person who overheard the story was the stranger with yellow suit,and black hat. I think he knows the Tuck family because he asked Winnie "Have you live here long, like forever?", "Do you somebody else who lives here?" kind of things like that. He also knows the music (music box) which grandma thinks they're elves. He whistled the same song when he was going away. I really want to know who this amn is, and what he is up to. I should find this out after reading some more.
The person who overheard the story was the stranger with yellow suit,and black hat. I think he knows the Tuck family because he asked Winnie "Have you live here long, like forever?", "Do you somebody else who lives here?" kind of things like that. He also knows the music (music box) which grandma thinks they're elves. He whistled the same song when he was going away. I really want to know who this amn is, and what he is up to. I should find this out after reading some more.

chapter 9, 10

The Tucks' hose is located in a very peaceful place, like beside a little, exquisite pond, and somewhere in the woods. In the house is a bit dirty. For ewample silver cobwebs, a tiny mouse which lived somewhere in the house. Also about house, there are only homely 3 bedrooms, without the kitchen. To be honest I really like this kind of house, than a gigantic one. I like way that it is so small, homely, and the greatest part was that it is locayed in an exquisite place.
In the other hand, Winnie's house is simply massive. There are people wathching her, women who clean the house. She always has to be in her room just stuck, and she disliked just being stuck in the room. Apparently I do too. I hate when I get stuck in the room, even though the house is gigantic, or whatever.
My house is an apartment. It isn't like the Tuck's house, neither like the Foster's. I live in the 27th floor, and it is really comfy to me.

I think the spring is a curse, because if you have to live forever you would have to live forever until the end of the world. You'll be suffering by not growing up, even a 0.00000000000000001mm!! Also you would have to live until the end of the world. Eventually you don'[t die therefore even the end of the world comes, ther'll be only the peole who drank the spring. Wow to me yes, it totally is suffering.

Chapter 14
In page Jesse proposes 71 and 72 to Winnie. He suggests Winnie to drink the spring when she turns seventeen in that way, Winnie can marry Jesse and live with him forever. She gets all whacked up all of a sudden, because, the other Tucks warned her not to drink the spring but now Jesse is suggesting Winnie to drink the spring!? (I think it's quite awkward) Anyway, what I predict is that she is not not even dare to drink the water. Althoough, it's her ideal type after seeing Tuck,and Mae suffering she wouldn't try. She can't! If I were her I never dare to drink the spring. I don't want to be out of the life cycle, or whatever. Dying is just....., natural!! You die when you get old or get some kind of a disease, everybody does! I would not drink the spring

Chapter 15, 16

1. In chapter 15 the ludicrous stranger behaves quite awkwardly. He looks as he is bragging that he knows a lot about the kidnappers (which aren't really kidnappers). The possible evidences are "I know where she is" on pg. 73, "I followed them, you see.She's with them now. As soon as they arrived at their destination I immediately came back" which is also on pg. 73. Also you can perceive, he wants to hurry, and possibly, his thoughts might be like this: 'What if they leave before I get there? I should HURRY.' from my logical thoughts...., An another characterristics that you can see is that the stranger is attempting the Fosters. Examples are, "We'd be good friends, I think. Why the little girl,and I, we're friends already. It would be a great relief to see her safely home again, wouldn't it?" on pg. 74. You can see he is alluring the Fosters to see Winnie home again.

2. In the beggining, the constable is suspicious about the stranger. "Maybe you're in cahoots with the kidappers, how do I know?" on pg. 77 constable asked suspiciously. Unfortunenatly, since the constable is so chubby,and lazy he starts to not care about it,and kind of believes that the stranger is going to find Winnie safe and sound. Therefore, he starts to go lazy, for example when the stranger said that we needed to go 20miles north, he became astonished all of a sudden,and starts being lazy.In addition there have never been crimes like this for over 15years! As the constable going so slow, the stranger starts to hustle, because he doesn't know if the Tucks are going to bring her back to the Fosters.
As I told the stranger starts to rush,and rides ahead because the constable is being so lazy,and not gong fast. Therefore, he gets permission if he can go ahead. He starts to accelerate, and go faster. He doesn't know whether the Tucks are going to leave before he arrives. Then if Winnie gets there safe, and sound he won't get the Foster's wood,and won't be rewarded. Thinking,and concerning about this he starts to hurry. If I were the constable, I would never do that if I him. You never know whether the stranger is one of the cahoots, and tells you the wrong direction?! You never know. Therefore letting the stranger go ahead way far, is not a wise decision from my thinkings.

Chapter 17, 18

1. Miles couldn't notice that he cannot get older when he was working in the farm When he realized this particular power(?), He became perplexed. He didn't know what the thing was!! Also his wife actually thought that he had sold his soul to the devil. She was so atonished that she left her husband. He couldn't even give them the spring, because the wife,and the children got aged. It was no use. Even though if I had the sprig I would never ever drink the spring. It's not right that me or my family get to live forever. Dying is just natural. It's just the way it is!!! Although they would give a million dollars I would sternly refuse it.

2. Miles conversation with Winnie was just cool,and easy going. They've got to know each other, and Winnie knew they ere not kidnappers. On the other hand, the talk with Tuck was awkward. Winnie did not get to know each other, and she wasn't even sure that they were kidnapper or not. Even though if i were her I would've done the same. The similar part with those two were their talk was both very essential. The Tuck was trying to say being without the life cycle is just wrong,and Miles's consultation was abot the brief summary how his family left him alone.

Chapter 19,and 20

1. First of all, I certainly do not agree with the stranger's opinion. Although you can be wealthy, if all people in the world live forever, there would be so much population that There'd be no place to live. It'll be terryfieing! So much people that there are no place to live...., My opinion is almost similar as the Tuck, but...., if I were Mae, and discovers Winnie, and Jesse talking (kind of in the beginning) I should've just fleed. Just run, and never let Winnie notice a thing. But anyway, my point is, I won't agree with the stranger's evil plan.

2. After all these wacky happening, Winnie leaves the Tucks' house. When she turns back, she notices that Tuck wasn't even paying attention to her. He was just looking down, not even giving Winnie a glimpse. I'm pretty sure that she felt dissappointed. The logical reason from my academic excellent brain tells me that, if he sees her leaving him, he would be painful. I think also that if you see someone leaving you, you'll be more painful, and suffering. if a valuable person leaves. Also, if I were Tuck's shoes (hope not,), first of all, I might be suffering by the stinky shoes that Tuck is weraring.( HOPE NOT) The essential part, is that I would feel dissapointed. The answerable reason is that Winnie was a really essential person to them. Winnie knows all about the spring, she lies that she didn't get kidnapped, and etc. all though when she leaves he won't even give him a glimpse. He just stares the ground like if it did something to him.(HOPE NOT) I was also extremely dissappointed about Tuck's behavior. How could he?// If I were his shoes I would pull him to wherever Winnie is, and say "Give her a nice little hug." ,and although he doen't I will force him like mad.

Chapter 21

First of all, Winnie should be really cancerned aboyt Mae. Yes, the sranger really died, and she has to go to the gallows. If Mae doen't die in the gallows, the spring is going to get revealed! Fterwards, peole are going to start buying the spring! That's exactly what the stranger was planning to do. If it turns out this way, it's going to be the worst of all! Also, Winnie must' ve been really sorrowful, because the strager died. Although, he was evil, wacked up, and insane, Winnie knew him. Therefore, it's wrong to kill a person even though he's insane or whatever, and he didn't even drink the spring do you think that he was going to live forever? I hope not..,
Some od the similar situation that happened to me is that I killed a spider (hope I never did before,). Although I never did but for example I would be suffering, I just killed a living thing...., Ponder about it, you killed a spider that didn't even harm you. (unless if it is poisnous, or etc.) That is a nonsense, just irony. Killing a living creature that didn't even harm you. I would definately be suffering, and painful that I just killed a living creature.

Chapter 22

After Jesse, comes up with a brilliant plan, he requests Winnie to assist him, and try to make Mae escape from the gallows. Unfortunatley, Tuck halts Winnie and does not allow Winnie to save Mae from the gallows. From my logic it tells me that Tuck does not agree because, Tuck might be concerned that if Winnie,and Jesse gets caught, they can be in a serious problem. I cannot agree with Tuck. When they were going to hang Mae in the gallow, the truth might be reavealed. The truth that you grt to live forever. That is quite dangerous. After that there is eventually a spring that makes ypu live forever, someone might be selling the spring, just like what the stranger was planning to do. Therefore, to summarize it, Tuck was blocking Winnie, and Jesse from saving Mae fron the gallow because it was too dangerous. My opinion is that saving Winnie is the right decision because when Mae is hanging, the peole wil notice that Mae won't die,and the secret about the spring will get reavealed.

Chapter 23, and 24

The quote "Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage" means that if the prisoner know where they are (jail), and discoverws what they have done wrong by regarding at the prison cell, stone walls..., Therefore, these particular designs make the prison look at their introspection. Indeed the iron bars makes the prison act the smae wat, but the essential part is that teh iron bars in the cage won't let the prisoners escape as well. This came into Winnie's head since Mae was in the jail. She notioned that if the plan of escaping her wouldn't work, because of the iron cage, and etc.

Chapter 25, and Epilouge

Tuck is indeed happy about Winnie not drinking the spring. If I were Winnie I would havr done the same thing. Perhaps life is to enjoy it, though living forever is not right, Being not part of the life cycle, living until the end of Earth, and etc. It must feel awkward. The reason I felt this was after reading when the Tuck has a consultation with Winnie. Before, I felt the same as Jesse. 'Man life is to enjoy it that is an absoulte fact....,' Though after reading that essential part, I modifyed my mind quickly. indeed life is to have fun, enjoy your life, and etc, but the fact is living f o r e v e r is a whole diferent thing than enjoying your life. Probably living forever can be considered as cursing.