Twisted Fairy Tale: The Snoring Prince
Alex Son

Once upon a time, there was an adorable prince born in the castle of Spain. He was in fact, admiring in most parts but he had one problem when he was sleeping...,he snored in a quite awkward way. Most people thought that this was a curse because he was born on the 13th of Friday. He snored like an elephant. Therefore, his parents couldn't even sleep well because of their unique(?) child.

The prince, Duke, grew up to be indeed quite a handsome teenager. As long as he was awake he was appealing in many ways, but once he fell asleep, he was detested by people around him. He was a perfect prince except for his snoring habit.
"We should send Duke to Iraq, and try to bother the Iraqi." complained the father with frustration.
"Let him be. He has no choice! He might get better! " exclaimed his mother.
" What if we just get him married, and send him away? Also, we don't have to tell the truth to the bride, and her family. Even if they find it out, they can't send him back! " Duke's father gave the mother a brilliant idea.
" Charles, you are the brain of our family!!" The entire family as well as his mother were elated that they don't have to hear Duke's rumbling hubbub again. Duke was behind the door all the time when his parents were having this evil conversation.
" What a relief! I can't believe that my family wants to send me away to Iraq or wants me to get married!" Duke talked to himself, depressed....,
" I have an idea! I should look for my own bride by myself!" Duke had a brilliant idea, but he didn't know where to start.

He grabbed his phone, and called a matchmaker that his best friend Alexander had recommended.
"Hello?" She had a nice pleasant voice.
" Yes, hi I'm looking for a bride-to-be. I am quite hot and about 18 years old." bragged Duke.
" Oh we just have a perfect match for you. We'll send her right away."said the matchmaker and hung up. Duke was curious how she supposedly knew where he lived. He had a second to ponder about it, but the door rang immediately. He opened the door, and saw a magnificent girl standing, and Duke lost his heart at once. She also seemed like she lost her heart too!

There was a long silence.
" Hi, Ms....," Duke broke the ice first.

" Spell. Ink Spell is my name." She said with her soft voice. Duke was curious again. He thought what kind of parents would name their child like that! Still, he was satisfied (except the name though). He didn't have time for to think how she got here, and etc...

They had a romantic(?) date, and nobody even had an idea that Duke was having a date with Ink. Soon it became dark, and Duke started to see weird changes on Ink's face. Then he realized he was having a date with a witch! Her face became pitted, and her nose was becoming hooked..,

" Ah!!!! You're hideous! Get away from me!" Duke screamed with terror
" What? Hideous? I thought you might be different than others! But you're one of them!" Ink drew her wand, and pointed at Duke.
"!@#$%^&^%$#@#$%^& You shall sleep for 1200 years! But since you look better natured than others, you won't snore anymore when you are awakened." Suddenly there was a bright flash, and Duke fell into sleep for 1200 years.

Duke finally woke up after 1200 years, he was in a room, in fact a nice room. Duke was so confused but . he felt like he was in heaven. Then someone came inside. Duke couldn't see the person clearly, then saw who it was, it was a familiar face. It was INK SPELL! Ink requseted Duke if she can marry him.
"May I marry you, if not...., or else!." Ink frightened Duke.
First of all, Luke didn't even care though curious how she had lived for 1200 years. Indeed quite odd.
" Don't worry about my face. I can fix this in plastic surgery. Don't worry." For Ink, was plastic surgery was nothing. Yes this can be quite odd too.
Luke had no choice. He married Ink soon, and lived happily ever after(?).....,