I disagree that I live in my present age because there are several reasons. One of the reasons is that when your age becomes 20~70, you could get a job. However, I cannot get a job at my current age because it is too young, and it looks like a student. My second reason is that at my age I can't get a driver license . Final reason is that at my age I don't have enough power to hold or to defeat people because I'm too weak.

I think when I were 25 years old and live forever, then it well be comfortable to live, and get jobs. And I will be stronger.

I think author is not sure about how deep the land ownership covers.

I think the land ownership covers all the way down to the center of the earth because if I do not own the spaces below my, who owns what is below. That is why a land owner owns natural resources in his land.

In Chapter 2 it's similer with prologue because author said 'it is dawn' and in the story Mae Tuck said "afternoon". In this chapter, the author mostly talked about Mae Tuck's first house. The author discribed the forest, houses and other things. Eventhough, the author described a conflict with Mae tuck and his husband. And the author told about the 2 sons who are less than 10 years old.

The settig in chapter3 is that the author talked about Winnie. For example "At noon of that some day in the first week of Augest" or "she (Winnie) sat on the bristly grass". And later, Winnie saw a toad that Mae brought. And Winnie think sof about her life and has no interest about the woods.

This chapter have new situation for the book. The setting is at sunset by Mae Tuck's house. And it similar with other chapters

In chapter5, Jesse convinced Winnie to drink from the bubbling spring, but Jesse had already drunk from it. Jesse is more than 100 years old, but he looks like 17 years old. When somebody drinks from the bubbling spring, he lives at that age forever, like Jesse. So, Jesse did not want Winnie to live forever at Winnie's current age.

If I were Jesse, I will convince Winnie not to drink the water because it is bad to live forever at Winnie's age. At Winnie's age, she can not get a driver's license to drive a car, and she can not get married.

her backbone felt like a pipe full of cold running water

No, cold water fell to her backbone. This means that she was surprised, scared, and her mind was sharpend.

Winnie was really out of mind because Winnie was riding a horse for the frist time and she was focused on clinging to the saddle. She passed the man when she was thinking about asking help.

If I was in Winnie's position, I would pass the man because I could have not asked for help while concentrating on holding the saddle.

"trembled on its axis like a beetle on a pin." (pg.8)
"bear her off like a sack of potatoes." (pg.31)

Jesse doesn't know how or who made the bubbling spring, but this is not the normal way in the world.

Someone could have made the bubbling spring for some special reason, but that person forgot to destroy or do something with it.

The man they had passed on the road, the man in the in yellow suit, heard the whole story.

The man knows about the secret of bubbling spring. So, the secret is no longer secret between Tuck's family and Winnie. If others speak about the power of bubbling spring, then Tuck's family may think Winnie told the secret to others.

The man may drink from the water and he may try to kill himself to check the power of bubbling spring is real. Or, he could tell everybody about the power of bubbling spring.

Tucks family's house looks smaller than Winnie Foster's house. Tuck's house has a small, tiny lake (Bubble spring) beside the house. And in the lake, there is a small boat that is attached to a tree with a rope. (sore of boat station area). However, Winnie's house is bigger then Tuck's house and has a background in Winnie's house which is in the villiage.

Mae thinks that the bubbling spring will be fine and have any problem from Tucks. However, I think there is a serious problem. I think the bubbling spring will affect your body to be disappear.

Angus is the only person that is really concerned and regreted about the bubbling spring. When Angus said "the third quote from above", it means to have the everlasting is boring. And Mile, Mae, and Jessy think it is really good to live forever. They will not know how boring it is to live forever. So, Angus is the only person that disagrees about the bubbling spring.

Jesse ask Winnie to drink the water (bubbling spring) when she is 17. And Jesse said that "We can get married"Winnie would able to say "yes". I think I agree Jesse this way because Winnie liked him right away. And the reason she is, is that staying with the Tucks will make her feeling change by not able to leave or go some where eles. So I'm guessing that he is still wants to be his girlfriend.

Number(1) The yellow suit man said his reason, at the time where he met the Winnie's family about the kidnap. I think that the man is really trouble,terrified to catch the Tucks' with a bad habit. And the man is jealous and show off to lots of people because he looks around and he think this land will be his. About Winnie's resaon makes the Winnie family more shocked and want to know about that who stole Winnie from the kidnap. I think in yellow suit man only thinks that he just want to get the water for himself and sell the water to other people and get money and become rich. His only wants to trade between finding Winnie and the woods that is owned by the Fosters. After the trade he will drink the bubbling spring to live forever like Tucks! He can't wait to put his hands on the spring water and he is becoming weard and suspicious to own the water.

Number(2)The constable was very suspicious to the the stranger.The constable make even more suspicious, I was thinking about if the stranger was witness wahy the stranger didn't tell to tucks and Winnie in ealier time?And the constable is a very a lazy person because he whined that it was 20 miles long. Although he was complaining that the stranger had a attack or bother him in the in the night.
I think the main reason why the stranger is action and movement this way because he isn't caring and saving this for Winnie, the main reason why hei s doing this for the water (bubbling spring) in the forest. He is really can wait to get the water.And the stranger has a plan to take the water and he is rushing for the water or eles tucks may take him out of here. If I were the constable I would go with the stranger, because there maybe something suspicious happening and some fun situation.And the stranger didn't go with forsters and it become more suspicious.So I think there would be something mysterious going on.

1. Miles didn't bring the other Tuck family members to the spring because he take Winnie for fishing in the bubbling spring Winnie was the only one awake and also Miles had some suggestion to talk about to her. He wanted to know about in kidnapping her and he force her to sleep and have some idea with them. Miles had aready talked about life forever, which was imform to the water(bubbling spring). He explained and talked about the animals from drinking the water then it will be a problem because it will increase the creatrue. For instance, if the deer drink the water, after several years the deer might cover all over the wrould.
2.Miles and Winnie's are taking in similar dialogue between Winnie and Tuck that was related to the life of people and all different creatures. Tuck told Winnie how the life is. Miles also shows examples of living forever. On the other reason, Tuck didn't show any example for his life. However, when Miles and Winnie both went out and caught a fish in the lake, and they went out to tell how the life is imporant to our lives. If Winnie didn't care much about the fish, there must have been no education from Winnie, and Miles speaking means nothing. I think Miles teaches her a lesson that she learn from her real life.

Chapter 19 and 20
1. The yellow jaunty man says that Tuck should not have the opportunity to have the spring. I think he won't sell the spring because he wanted to live forever and he thinks he should own it, not the others. I believe that he is attempting to confuse the Tucks and to make them angry because the spring is flowing toward his way.Taking away other people's rights is not a good thing to do. For instance, if you have a pencil and suddenly somebody snatches it away from you, and says that from now on he is going to have it. I believe the exploit is very disadvantageous and very illogical for the Tucks because it started by the man who spied on them. The spy is the antagonist. Therefore, I think that the man is responsible for all the fights and all the anger.

2. The quote explains how shocked he was after Mae slammed the shotgun into the back of the man's skull. Angus Tuck opened his mouth a bit to show his astonishment. Just as we scream or open our mouth widely after a shocking news, Tuck feels the same way.
Tuck must have felt in the similar way as the constable. the constable was not excepting any violent actions like this. The constable never saw a crime that was this serious for years. Tuck who knows Mae's personality and attitude is very surprised because according to her actions, she looks gentle; however, in this occasion, she is not. Her temper must have been a lot different than how Angus felt like.