Once upon a time, there were three duck brothers living in a small lake. They were planning to go to the big lake to live! In the big lake, the water is cleaner and there are plenty of foods like frogs, fishes and worms. However, it is really far away. They cant walk to the big lake, so they are going make plans to get there. But unfortunately, their worst enemy will tries to eat and bother the three ducks plan.

Well, lets swim through the small lake. Then, the big lake will come out. said the youngest duck.

Are you crazy? It is a far distances to go to the big lake, commanded second oldest duck. You are pondering unattainableness question!

I have a great idea said the oldest duck.

What is it? ask the other ducks

Next day, they all brought vehicles they want to use.

Why do I need to bring my favorite tricycle? cried the youngest duck.

Well, lets just listen what the oldest has to say. I could tell you that he isnt dumb, the second oldest duck replied.

Okay, said the youngest duck.

Okay, pay attention to me I will tell the plan. said the oldest duck, All right, finally I will tell my plan. I tell you guys to bring your own vehicles that you like the best. So how about you guys what did you bring?

I bought my coolest tricycle it is useful and it is really fun isnt it? said the youngest duck.