Goal 1. Do not forget bringing things for my homework
how? Remind myself of what I need to bring every end of the day.

Goal 2. Complete all assignments with the same effort.
How? Not be lazy and try my best on all assignments and check again all the times

Goal 3. Pay more attention and concentrate when I'm doing my homework and test.
How? Double check always after finishing tests and homework.

Paragraph April 14 2008

Goal 1:
I did a better job of bringing my homework every time. Last month, I got smiles every day except one day. I forgot to get my calendar signed on time by my parents. This was because I went on a trip with my family form Saturday to Sunday and I didn't get my calendar signed before the trip. Of course I didn't get my calendar signed after the trip. From this I learned that I should do things like signing calendars as soon as I can.

Goal 2: I think I am doing a bit better job of reaching this goal. I tried harder trying not to be lazy and rush through my work. I took my time to do the works I usually rushed through and didn't look over the second time like DLR and write now assignments. The scores on DLR are increasing.

Goal 3: I did better at concentrating for tests. Every time I took a test I was nervous. However, on the science test I wasn't so nervous and I think I did better this time. On the final science test I wasn’t too nervous. I think I concentrated on this test and not get board even though the test was 7 pages long. I think I wrote the answers that I meant to say and I think that I got a higher score on this final test than any
other tests. I hope my prediction is correct.

Paragraph April 27th

Goal 1: I did a better job on bringing my homework but not as on April 14. I didn’t bring two homework in a month. I think this was because I did not use my agenda correctly and forgot to check if I had all of my homework in my bag. Therefore. From now I will check my agenda before I do my homework, after I finish doing my homework and during packing my bag. If I do this I guess that I will not miss bringing any of my homework rest of the quarter.

Goal 2: I tried not to rush though my homework and give the same effort for all of my homework. However recently I rushed though my reading workshop journal. Therefore my reading workshop journal was not detailed and understandable. If this journal was graded the grade would be low.

Goal 3: I don't think I have concentrated during tests. Even though I knew all the answer on the science test, I thought about a question for too long and rushed through the other questions. However because the human body is my favorite subject and also my best subject, I think I can do a better job on the systems.

Paragraph May 17 2008

Goal 1: I didn't do a good job of bringing my homework this time. I didn't finish my book report on time. This was because I wasn't fast at reading. Therefore, I couldn't finish the book on time. Next time I can finish reading the book on time by getting my book approved fast so I can and read the book any time I can. Also I will check if I brought all of the things I need like tests.

Goal 2: I did a better job of not rushing though my work. However, I took too much time doing my test. Therefore, I missed two questions.
Next time I should not waste time on the first questions.

Goal 3: I think I have concentrated on my tests. However, the problem was that I didn't have enough time to finish two questions. I figured out that I shouldn
t take time doing the first questions.

June 1st
Goal 1. I did a little better job of bringing my homework then last time. It however, I was the word wizard but forgot to write the definitions of the words. Therefore I wrote the definition in school.

Goal 2. I did a better job on not rushing tough my homework. However I don
t think I did a good job on my science book. This was because I didn't do the pages in advance. Therefore, I did not do a good job on this.

Goal 3. I don't dink I have concentrated on my tests. This was because I didn
t study for the right thing and got nervous during the test. Therefore, next time I should study not only what I think should be on the test but every thing weve studied.