If I could live forever I would just wait until I am 15 years old, because every organ in my body would be new and they would work well. Also if I can stay young, I would not have to worry about all the diseases that come from old age, such as cancer, disk and other serious disease. All your muscles would work well. Also I don't have to worry about jobs. I wouldnt like to be less than 15 because I can go to the movies by my self and also I can make my own schedule. However, there are also bad things about stop to grow over 15, My life would be boring forever doing the same thing over and over again. However, staying healthy is more important than having fun.

Winnie's question is that if you own a piece of land do you own the whole area under the crust or do you only own the crust of the land. I think you own the area under the crust because you can dig as much as you want under your land and have any minerals or natural resources that is beneath the crust.

Chapter 2
When Mae Tuck woke up, she dressed up to go to meet her son miles and Jessie. Tuck didn't want to follow her because he was very tired and he was sleepy. He was dreaming that he was in heaven with his family happily living. From this chapter, I can see that Tuck is a lazy person and he is already bored of his life due to that he like to dream that he is in heaven. Mae Tuck is person that keeps promises and be on time. Also I can see a clue that they have been living longer then a normal human. I can see that from this chapter, that Mae Tuck haven't seen her sons for ten years and that Tuck likes the dream that he is in heaven.

chapter 3
Winnie Foster found a frog beside her. She told the frog that she wanted to be free and more independent from her mother and grandmother. She was the only child in the Foster's family. Therefore, she got a lot of attention. From this chapter, the author describes that Winnie 's grandmother had been living in that house since she was born. Winnie's grand mother is a bit mean to Winnie while her mother is nicer.

chapter 4
The stranger who was skinny and had the yellow coat asked Winnie if she knew well about the people living around her. She did not. He also asked how long her family had been living there. Her grand mother lived in that house for a long time. The stranger gives Winnie a strange look when she says that her family had been living there forever. By this I can notice that on chapter 2 there was a hint that the Tucks lived a longer life then a normal human being. Then man asks Winnies parents and her grand mother, but Winnie's family doesn't know much about. Their neighbors.

Chapter 5
Jessie doesn't let Winnie drink the water because Jessie knows that if Winnie drink the water she could can live forever. This is why Jessie wants to talk with her or tell her what would happens if she drank that water and why that is bad for her.However Winnie doesn't give Jessie the time to explain and keeps telling that the land was hers and she could drink it if she wanted to. At the end of chapter5 Mae tuck arrives with miles then Jessie is relieved t hinking that they would know what to do.

Chapter 6
1. The quote her backbone felt like a pipe full of cold running water means that she was nervous and she was very scared. (She had come out to the fence, very cross, very near the boiling point on a day that was itself near to boiling, and had noticed the toad at once.) (It was another heavy morning, already hot and breathless, but in the wood it was cooler and agreeably damp.)
2.She did not scream for help because she only met her once and she did not know him well. If I were Winnie, I would have done the same thing because he was a stranger. If he was my friend and I knew him very well, then I think I would have waved my hand or cried for help.

Chapter 7
I think Jessie means that the water was left behind from another world that God made before the world we are living right now. I think in that world, people never died but they still laid babies. Therefore, there were too much people living in that world and they ran out of food. God destroyed that world and recreated another world. However, God forgot to destroy the tree.

Chapter 8
The stranger that came to Winnie's house before was the man that overheard the Tucks conversation. I think the stranger followed the Tuck's family because he knew Winnie doesn't belong to the Tucks. He found out something was going on. The stranger smiled in the end of the chapter because he could make money with that water. I felt suspense and tension when the man whistled the same melody that was from melody box of Winnies grandmother. Winnies grandmother thinks the melody was made by elves.

Chapter 9
The author explains that near the house there were lots of pines and trees which means that not many people have been there. The author said that the Tucks house was dirty and not well organized. Winnie's house was clean and very organized mostly because of her mom and her grandmother.

Chapter 10
Mae might think that living forever is a blessing because everyone wishes that they could live forever. She also thinks it is a cruse because it is very boring to live forever. I think it is both because if they use your lifetime playing and traveling it is a blessing and if they uses their lifetime regularly it world be a curse.

Chapter 11 and 12
Angus is very unhappy about living forever. Angus is always bored and sleepy every day becausse of his life. The third quote means that the Tucks are not living because they don't die. Therefore they are like the rocks beside the road having no life and death. However Miles, Jesse and Mae doesn't care about living forever and lives like a normal person.

Chapter 14
At middle of the night Jessie went into Winnie’s bed to tell her that life was there to enjoy. However, Jessie told that Angus, Mae, and Miles didn't know how to enjoy their immortal life. Therefore When Jessie suggests when Winnie became 17, the same age as Jessie, She could drink from the spring beside her house and they could live forever happily traveling and having fun.
I think she would like to do that because when Winnie first met Jessie she thought he was glorious wonderful and very handsome and even his raggy clothes looked like silk and satin on Jessie. Therefore I think Winnie might say yes to Jessie's suggestion. If I was Winnie I would not be sure because I am not a girl and I don't know their feelings to boys.

Chapter 15
The yellow suited man is a bit like Angus. He is always worried. Therefore, when he made a deal with the Tucks, he wanted to finish the Task fast as he can so he could get the woods faster. From this I can see that the yellow suited man has lots of greediness. I also think that he has a lot of experience of dealing.

Chapter 16
The constable is lazy even though he is a police because there was no serious crime for 15 years so he didn't have to do any work at all. Therefore, when the yellow suited man was worried and busy, the constable was so lazy and wanted to do it later. Therefore, the yellow suited man went head of the constable since the yellow suited man wanted to finish the work faster. The constable didn't believe the yellow suited man because there wasn't a crime in tree gap for 15 or more years.
I think the motivations of the way the man in the yellow suit talks or acts that way is that the stranger know that he could be rich soon and that makes the yellow suited man so hurrying.

Chapter 17 and 18
1.Miles didn't take his family to the spring because at that time, the Tucks were not sure about what made them immortals and they weren't even sure about if they were immortal. When they figured out that that they could live forever, and it was the spring, Mile’s children were about the same age as Miles. They were too old. If I were Miles I also would not take my family to the spring my child would be the same age as me and that would be very weird. However, if I had a chance to give my family the spring water when they were not so old I would. Then I would we can spend a lot of time together and share beautiful memories. In my point of view, life is good and that's why I want to make them drink the spring water.
2. The conversation with Miles and Angus was similar because they both talked about the life of creatures and why they shouldn't live forever. However, the conversation between Angus and Winnie, they talked about the wheel of life and that the Tucks were like rocks beside the road but the conversation between Miles and Winnie what was bad about living forever and what was bad about living forever.

Chapter 19
I also think that the Tucks are right about selling the spring water once living thing drinks the spring water and be immortal there is no cures for that. Therefore, if a person buys a expensive hat and he doesn't want the hat he can sell or retrieve it after buying it however if you drink this water you can not ever die. So even tough they want to live forever, they would get bored and it would feel like you are being cured. That is the reason why I thank yellow suited man is wrong about selling the spring water. The Tucks knows how it feels to live forever and they do not like it.

Chapter 20
When Winnie looks at Tuck, Tuck was staring at the man that was about to die. He stares at him because his dream was to go to heaven, but he cannot. However, unlike Tuck the yellow suited man is hurt and dieing. The quote explains that everybody was stunned and the yellow suited man was probably seriously injured and almost dieing.

Chapter 21
Winnie feels sorry for the wasp that she killed without thinking this is because she thought if she had not killed the wasp, it could have live and fly again. It died when it shouldn't die just because of her. She thought about her self being the wasp, flying peacefully and dieing by a gigantic creature.
I once plucked a flower that was about to bloom for decorating
my room. I was very sorry for the flower after I killed the flower, but it was too late. I always fell sorry for doing things. I always can't think about my actions before I do the action. so I have lots of experience like this.

Chapter 22
Pa might not agree on doing this plan because it might get Winnie into trouble. In Pa's point of view saving Mae is same as keeping Winnie and the spring safe. This is because he really adores Winnie because she is still growing and special because she and the Tucks are the only humans that live forever. Therefore, Pa might not trade Winnie's safety for their safety.
I would have the same idea as Pa because I wouldn't like to trade my safety for any other people’s safety. Therefore, I would not let Winnie help me rescue Mae

Chapter 23-24
I think this quote means that if the prison is made out of solid rock, people like Mae can still escape. Therefore, it means that there are no prisons that are perfect. Also a cage made out of iron bars is not so perfect because something can escape out of cages made out of iron bars. Therefore, there are no perfect cages or prisons. To Mae, prison is nothing because she would be able to live forever which means that the years that she lives in prison till she is known as innocent is only few hours in her point of view.

Chapter 25-epilog
I think that I would have drunk the water because I would like to travel all around the world and have fun like Jessie. People like Mae, Miles and Tuck don’t like living forever. This is because they are not spending their time well. to tucks living forever is very miserable even though mani people desies it. Therefore, there are not having fun and having a bad time. However, you can always have fun and achieve your goal like being a doctor. Therefore, I think it would be nice to live forever.