I think living in this age forever is not fun at all. All of our friends will be dead...., or if they aren't that will be the only reason for me to stay alive at this age forever. Also, we will be studying the same thing at school forever!!! Not learning new and fun things.....think about how boring it would be... I would rather be 2 years old. But,, I'm already 11, not two. I can't go back to the past. If I was about 20,, I would study many things. Some would be new, some would be hard, boring, fun.... There is going to be too much work for me. Also, if I am 30, I would get a job.. and have to do the same job forever, unless my body changes so that I look old enough to change the job. I think I want to be 45. Some people say that you would have children, and have to search for their academies, cook food for them every morning.. or even snack and.....!!! All those stuff will be so tiring. However, if your body looks like 45 forever, other people will think I'm actually 45, and I will act like I'm 45. So I would search for any academies, cook food and help if they needed for my child, only if I had a child. Parents say that would be very boring. But I don't think so. Taking care of anyone makes me feel good, instead of tiring and boring. So I choose to be 45 forever.

chapter one
I can tell that Babbit gives her view about land ownership. She said that, if cows had made their road through the wood instead of around the wood, people will follow the road. They will even notice the giant ash tree. Cows were responsible for the woods isolation. However, they don't own everything it's same as people. If a person owns a farm, they just own the part of it, not all of them. This is what Babbit said. In my opinion, if a person owns a land and only if he/she is responsible for it, he/she, can own most...or every part of it.

Chapter two
For chapter two, lokking at the first part of the quote given, I can easily see that the time, or when this story is happening is at dawn. It was happening also in a different type of time, which is the first week of August. During that time, the last part of the sentence says Mae Tuck woke up. She woke up, because she wanted to meet her sons, Miles and Jesse. They didn't meet for 10 years. Mae Tuck woke up her husband, Tuck from a wonderful dream; however, Tuck wasn't cared about the news since he just woke up, in a wonderful dream.

Chapter three
This chapter also takes place during the first week of August, at noon. Winnie Foster sat on the bristly grass, which was located inside the fence. The story describes more about it; it's about Winnie talking to a toad, and suddenly her grandmother began calling her. Then, Winnie started to change her subject, when her grandmother started callling her. She said that she wants to be herself for a change. This quote was spoken by Winnie, to the toad. I think that means she wants her mom not calling her, so that she can be by herself for a moment, or possibly forever. Her grandmother kept talking to her, and asking such questions and Winnie is busy doing her work. How can she concentrate on what she's doing when someone's keep on calling on you? That's what she talked to the toad, but that's not the only thing she talked about.

chapter four
This chapter talkes about a stranger, from the village, strolling up the road to find someone, but don't know who. The man thought that Winnie's grandmother knew almost everyone who comes and goes. So he was trying to ask her to find a person, actually a unknown person. But Winnie's grandmother doesn't know everyone. Then, she tried to go somewhere else, until,,, she heard this music, related to some kind of elf. The man was asking if Winnie's grandmother heard this music before, in a eager voice. She didn't answer, and repeated to Winnie, that it's elf music. Winnie and her grandmother excused herself, marching up the path into the cottage, listening to the music.

chapter five
Chapter five starts off by Winnie meeting Jesse Tuck. He was drinking some water from the...river.(stream?) . Winnie also wanted to drink some of the water and asked Jesse if it's good to drink it, or is it okay. As it explained in the direction, it says that Jesse said to Winnie, "it's just terrible and I can't let you" But Winnie still didn't get why Jesse could drink it and not her, even though her family owns it. Jesse just said that he's used to drinking the water from the...river. Jesse explains the reason why Winnie can't drink the water. However, it isn't the truth. He said that he couldn't just let Winnie drink it. It's terrible. The page from the book tells it more descriptively. For example, the actual reason is that you have to live forever at your age if you drink the water.. But this secret doesn't appear at this chapter. If I was Jesse, I would tell the secret to Winnie, because she's going to hear the secret from Mae, anyway. If I didn't tell the secret and just simply tell that it's terrible, Winnie would never believe me and would just drink the water, not even knowing what is going to happen to her. So Jesse did the right thing, except I will change the way to explain why Winnie can't drink the water.

chapter six
Looking at the quote from the book, I think it's obvious that Winnie 's backbone isn't a pipe full of cold running water. But she just felt like it. Heart is pounding, and back bone felt like a pipe full of cold running water, and her head was fiercely calm. The other two quotes from the book that I thought was descriptive is, "The road where it angled across the meadow was just ahead dazzling white in the open sunlight." This quote is assorted with many describing words. I think this sentence is a comment about the road where it had a straight angle. Another quote : " When the tinkling little melody began, Winnie's sobbing slowed". This sentence is talking about the song from Mae's music box, which Winnie heard. The melody was tinkling, as it said.
The second question asks why Winnie didn't do something about the stranger when ahe came across a stranger on the road.I think it's because the man had fallen away behind that time, and she was afraid to let go of the saddle, and afraid to turn around.

chapter seven
Jesse was talking about a plan that didn't work out too good. The plan, that Pa thinks is from some other plan for the way the world should be. Some of the plans they workd out wasn't too good, and everything changed except that the bubbling spring had passed over.

chapter eight
Everything that the Tucks were talking about was going very good. (The secret they told Winnie was going very good, so far so good.) But nobody noticed that the man in the yellow suit heard the fantastic story. The stranger, with yellow suit on was the one who heard the story. After hearing the story, nobody noticed that his mouth above the thin gray beard turned so slightly toward a smile.

chapter nine, and ten.
Answer to first question: Babbit compares two houses, Winnie's and the Tucks. Winnie's houseis described as...always tidy. The Tuck's house had a green-plush sofa in the center with a fireplace near it. The table had a mouse inside the house in the far corner of the table. The armchairs stood near the table. Also, the bedreoom was pretty vast there was a room beside it for the mirror with the washstand. The bed was where the boys slept, which was located up the steep stairs. Comparing wit my house, it's not that complicating.. My furniture is not located right beside each that one over there and this and that next to it, the table is beside it, vase is over the table, fake food below that thing and...the T.V beside the sofa, chair next to the computer,, my room, bedroom with soft, squishy blanket's not like that. Similar furniture, but not ordered correctly. For example, the two furniture is in the living room. table is located on the center of the living room. Sofa is next to it. 10steps more, my room appears with one single table, my bookshelf, my bed. Seems calm, and simple than what I explained about the Tucks' house, I guess. So comparing the houses, Tucks' house is bery complicating and Winnie is not really. It is clean.
2. I don't know if this appears in the chapter we read so far, but perhaps, my answer would be yes, it is a curse to the TUCKS. Well, if it wasn't a curse, why would the Tucks not grow anymore, which they didn't want to happen, I guess. Why would anyone want to live forever? As years pass, people will change slowly....'Life is not fun at all.' and the Tucks will also feel like that. It would be...a curse.!

chapter eleven and ten
As Tuck said, every people aren't living if they don't have dying. Well, Tuck won't die because of the water he drank, but then following to what he said, he won't be living. (because he said people who don't have dying won't have a living.) So what he got wasn't living. He can't call it a living. Our own life is just what people are and just.....being like the rocks beside the road. This was what Angus said, and obviously, he thinks he lived long enough to fill the whole world with years. That's how much he lived. And it's almost time....for him to die. Nothing wil be fun to him, anyway. SInce he's not living, it doen't matter if he really dies or not, cause he doesn't have a living....! He lived longer than the other members if the family, (possibly,maybe) and I'm definitely sure that he would think spending time in this world is more boring than how much Jesse thought it was boring. Also for Miles, and Mae. Jesse might be interested in things he didn't learn yet, and that would make his life more enjoyable. For Miles, he is always energitic, so that might be a clue that he doesn't feel the same as Angus, of course. People are all different, no matter how close they are.

chapter fourteen
First, the quote starts off,,,saying about life's to enjoy. Even if Miles, Mae, and Angus Tuck don't know how to enjoy it, it's just a chance for Winnie to enjoy it. That is, to drink the water (spring..) at the age of seventeen, which is the same age as Jesse...,, and to go away with him. (also marrying together,) Well, Winnie hasn't thought about it before, to drink the water because Angus told her not to drink it. So mainly, her response to Jesse's suggestion think about it for a while. If I was Winnie, I would believe in Tuck, not to drink the water, because he's the old person, (with many experiences) so he knows better. That is why I think to follow Tuck's way will be better than following Jesse's way.

chapter fifteen and sixteen
When the man in the yellow suit said he didn't have to spell out things like what happened, why it happened, what casued, where did it happen, and all those answers to the questions, I think his behavior was not patient. I can see that by reading through the passage saying, "You've got what you want, and I've got what I want. It's a simple trade." So basically, he wasn't being patient. He didn't want to tell the foster family about specific things. He just had to find Winnie, bring her back, and get the wood. He wasn't patient since he really wanted the woods to sell the water...AN example for "not being patient" is when he said "done and done" That part was when he asked the foster family for a trade. He wasn't patient that time because not listening to Foster family's questions, he just simply said "done and done"..........
2. THe constable's reaction was sort of complaining, but saying "yes" in outside. He's just complaining in his mind inside. Also, he added not to do anything when he gets there. SInce he didn't have this kind of kidnapping situation, he was becoming more and more lazy. That's why he didn't go fast enough and let the man in the yellow suit go fast.
The man in the yellow suit decided to trade the woods with giving back Winnie. And he acted like he wasn't going to wait for the constable anymore and just going to run to the Tuck's house because if the Tucks try to take Winnie back, then it won't be A man taking her home. SO that won't make a trade. IF I were constable, I would first ask why he needed to go there first. Nothing will help the man to bring Winnie up since the constable isn't going to be there.

chapter seventeen and eighteen★
Miles did not take his family to the spring to drink some of the water. BUt why didn't he? That's because he didn't realize about the spring while they were still on the farm. Afterwards, Miles tried to find his family members and let them drink water from the spring. Well, then, his wife would be nearly 40,(older than Miles' age) and his daughter and son will be about the same age as father(Miles). "HOW INCREDIBLE!" Miles thought. But what's so bad about being in the condition of "same age" with someone's father? Nothing will harm anyone...There is no such a thing called "NO SAME AGES WITH ANYONE-POLICY" Therefore, unless nothing is going harm anything, I would keep searching for my family members to give or let them drink the water. In addition, I do not get why Miles did not find his daughter, son, and wife, which are probably very important members, and obviously, people who always care for each other....I would definitely find my family and search forever.........until I hear the news...that they are dead.
2. Since the two people, Miles and Angus are both same members of the family, they might have some similarities in their "short stories" or not necessarily have the similarities. In other words, they might have differences, not only similarities. First, I will explain the differences between what Miles and Angus talked about. Miles explained what people should do, gotta be meat-eaters some day...and simply talked about the main idea. However, in the opposite side, Angus talked about Tucks, who are not moving, which means they aren't part of the wheel anymore. He briefly showed examples to Winnie, that are understandable, reasonable,and strong-concluded. He said the Tucks aren't part of the wheel because they don't change, but sometime, somehow, Winnie will change into a women...slowly...she's part of the moving wheel.. or possobily can call it a changing wheel.
Now that I said the differences, I will explain the similarities. The similarities are that the two people said about how and what people should be. Miles said people should be meat-eaters sometimes, but not necessarily always. And Angus said people are changing..and growing...he explained the lives of people, and life cycle itself includes in a wheel.

chapter nineteen and twenty
1. According to what the man in the yellow suit says, I agree on his argument because everyone should have rights to choose what they want to do. For example, in this novel, the man in the yellow suit talked about his plan for seeling the water for expensive amount of money. But for an expensive amount of money doesn't really matter, since the man in the yellow suit will own the water later on.(since it is part of the woods.) Also, he has the signature from the Foster family, that he is going to allowed to have a simple trade, bringing WInnie back to the Foster family, and owning the woods. The Foster family has what they want, and the man in the yellow suit has what he wants. SO it can be a simple trade. The plan was selling the water, but the man is going to own the woods, (at least that's his opinion that he will be the owner of the woods.) which means he can do whatever he wants with his stuff.
2. SInce Tuck disagrees on things that the man in the yellow suit say, he looked, checked, and made sure that the man in the yellow suit(just got hit in the head) was not moving.(or to check if it's safe to remove him....) If I were Tuck, I would tell everyone(Tucks and Winnie) to make a plan, about how to make the man in the yellow suit not sell the water nor own the woods. Because The man might be still alive, I would make the plan in case he might try to sell the water. I would discuss quickly. My opinion about the plan is to tell Winnie to go back home herself, and say to her parents that the man in the yellow suit did not take her back home. So THe man wouldn't be able to own the woods anymore...It's too late! A promise is a promise.., even though the man really want the woods, it's too bad. He's not the one who took Winnie back. Winnie's the one who came back herself....

chapter twenty-one
I would like to tell a story about me that happened long time ago.
When I was a normal, nine-year old girl, I went to this...park with my family members..and it was raining that time. There were worms, since it was raining. I was too scared to step on worms, and didn't even care about their lives. That time, when I met a piece of rope, This suddenly came to my mind, 'What a strange rope. IT's' Then it was time when I finally figured out there were tons of ants near the worm...and I thought the ants were black smoke---powderish....sandish....thing, moving along the worm because of the wind. I couldn't stand WORMS. I tried stepping on it for wiggled and wiggled too much! 'ha! worms are ticklish, too!' I thought, and tried it over again.(hard this time,,) and wiggled a lot, I should say I then realized ants, too! I was so surprised and stepped on both ants and worms. SInce I was very little that time, I thought stepping on them was a very fun thing to do! ANd now, thinking of it, (I never thought of it, though) it's just one worm and some of ants' life, but I don't think it's a big deal unless it was a human....!

chapter twenty-two
chapter twenty-two:First, I would like to discuss opinions for Tuck, why he won't want WInnie to help escaping Mae. Well, I think Tuck thinks that if WInnie iiis going to come, it's more likely to get caught. SO in other words, I should say that more the people who help, the greater possibility it is to get caught......I think that's going to be Tuck's opinion. (or his views) IN my view about Winnie helping Mae is not a good idea because she won't do any ...good. For example, if A,B,C were trying to help D from escaping, and E wanted to help,(young) of course, 3people will be enough. There will even be more noise. It will be disturbed or distracted. Even though WInnie still can't meet Jesse for ages if Winnie doesn't help him, it's just going to make it worse...and obviously, nobody would want a whole bunch of people arguing about how to solve a problem. In this case, it's helping someone to escape. But if there were whole bunch of people arguing about which way is better than the other, it's just going to be wating time. There are rules too, it's not only free-helping. You might need to be very quiet, get the materials ready, etc... IT's going to be very complicated. Also, I would like to add that "escaping someone from a jail" even though he/she did a bad thing, or something that is against the law, is not a good thing to do. What if he/she gets caught becase of trying to escape someone from a jail? That would be worse. THE RULE FOR EVERYONE IS THIS: ANYONE CAN MAKE A MISTAKE, HOWEVER, NO EXCUSE. IF YOU CAUSED A PROBLEM, YOU'RE GOING TO THE JAIL... It's actually fair for people to have a person in the jail is that person made a mistake. So Winnie shouldn't try to think of helping to escape Mae from the jail.

chapter twenty-three and twenty-four
I think the quote means that the stone wall or iron cage is blocking the prison, and that nobody will be able to save anyone from prison. It's the way that is supposed to be. For an example, if someone kidnapped my dog, I would report it right away to someone, like the police. Then, the police will find out who is the kidnapper, and take him/her to the jail. He did a bad thing,obviously...and no one will be able to save him. That's why the quote included stone walls, which are probably going to block people that are trying to save someone from prison. Winnie thought of this quote in chapter twenty four, and that's because Winnie wanted to save Mae, since she's not the kidnapper. IN this case, the case where Mae is not the kidnapper, Mae should be in the prison for a few days because she forced Winnie to go to her house for a few days to talk about things. Winnie tried to save Mae, at least she wanted to...and she suddenly thought of this quote because thaere might be trouble while they are trying to save Mae...

chapter twenty-five and epilogue
I think if I were Winnie, I wouldn't drink the water from the spring because sometime, even though you don't know when, you might have a feeling like this: Why am I living forever? Why did I choose to drink the water? Also, there will be chances that are really unfair to you, and the more you live, the more you experience bad things...I would never choose to live forever. Even though the Earth is destroyed, you will still live that boring would it be when there are no people to play with? The point, or the main point of living is to have fun. But you just don't experience the fun, and would just live with no one around you....this point is what Angus described...not quite, but similar agreements. He said to Winnie that if there is no living, you won;t call that a life. It won't even be part of the wheel. In other words, the fun that is part of the wheel will not be there if you drink the water, which makes you live forever. Drinking water cause you to live forever. Living forever cause you to not be part of the wheel. Not being part of the wheel cause it to make life boring, and not interesting. This is what was summarized, or what Angus said. However, Jesse think the way opposite way, which is saying that life is to have fun. If you drink the water, Winnie and Jesse can run away, and even marry together. But even if you not drink the water, can't we still marry with Jesse? He won't grow older, but Winnie would. What's wrong with that? Nothing will be wrong if you not drink the water. If you do, you're just making life more boring. That is why I agree with Angus......#