Once upon a time there lived a princess named Drapunzel. She was born between the king and the queen of the draculas. She had sharp, pointy teeth with a black long dress and a red and black cape that matches with it. She killed the Rapunzel and became the Drapunzel, the evil world. Her parents educated her to kill people who were nice.

She has a pet mouse. It has a black and red cape, too. Her name in Punzely. Punzely also has sharp and strong teeth. She could nibble three ropes right away.
I'll tell you one of the crime Drapunzel made and how the story all started. Before I tell you the story, you have to know something. It's a secret. Drapunzel has the longest hair, but nobody knows except fo Punzely.

One day Drapunzel and Punzely were having a walk around Jackson Town. On the way, she saw a massive jewerly store. The store was selling the necklace she always wanted to buy from when she was young. She went inside. I was being sold by $100,000. She didn't have enough money in her wallet, so she stole it. The manager caught her stealing it. He called the police. Drapunzel ran and ran. Oh no! She was in a corner!! Soon the police officers caught her. She was prisoned at the very top floor of the Empire State Building with all the other prisinors. The jail (known as a jail) there was a handsome man called Prince Loaf.

Prince Loaf was very young. He was a prince. He was the only son of the king and queen. The king and queen loved him and adored him, but he was very naughty. The king and queen is very strict. They give punishments if they have to. They make very good judgments. Nearly nobody in the kingdom liked him. He played tricks and annoyed people. They tried to make plans to get rid of Prince Loaf. One day the people in the kingdom tried to get rid of Loafy (that's what they call him). He was coming to annoy people again. While he was annoying people, the king passed by. The king got mad when he saw Loafy bugging people. The king thought about giving him a lesson. He thought carefully and wisely. He called Loafy and brought him to the top of the Empire State Building. He had made Loafy inside until he knows his problem. That is when the top floor of the Empire State Building became the jail.

One Drapunzel fell in hate with him. She had a very very very evil plan for him.
' Mmmmm. I'm gonna trick him that I like him. Then I'll trick him that i am trying to make him escape on my hair and let Punzely cut my hair. I want my hair to be short anyways.~~'
"Psst. Puzely, could you cut my hair at once?" asked Drapunzel quietly.
"Sure oh sure. What can't I cut at once? Can't you believe in me?" responded Puzely. "But why?"
"Oh. you'll get to know about it."
Drapunzel got near Prince Loaf.
' She's coming near me. Oh yay!' thought Prince Loaf. Drapunzel went to Prince Loaf and proposed to him. He got so exulted that he jumped up and down. Drapunzel gave a sly look to Punzely.

Punzely got the sign. The next day, Drapunzel asked Prince Loaf if he wanted to escape from the Empire state building. He answered yes.
"Then climb out of the window," joked Drapunzel.
"What? Are you telling me to suicide? Gosh No. I'd rather stay in here." said Prince Loaf freaked out.
"I was just kidding. Can't you just take a joke?" she said madly.
"Okay Okay~~"
" Now, listen carefully. You are going to climb on my hair. I'm going to send out my hair out the window. Then climb out. Am I clear?"
"Yes ma'am."

Drapunzel gave a sign to Punzely to hit the road onto the bricks of the Empire State building. She sent her hair out. It reached the ground immediately. Everybody oohed and ahhed. Prince Loaf climed out of the window. He climed down and down. Drapunzel wiggled her body so the hair could wiggle. Punzely cut the hair at once. In a blink, Prince Loaf was laying on the ground dead.
"You shoudn't have believed me. Ha Ha." She screamed as she stuck out her tounge and him. Well he couldn't hear her anyways because of the distance and he was dead~!!~ And Drapunzel climbed down with her sharp teeth and she lived happily ever after.

The End